There is a ministry for everyone

Adult Ministry

Adult ministry is a chance for a group of adults to come together and have a chance to join in fellowship with one another. Spouses are welcome to come together as this is open too all adults. 

Women's Ministry

Our Women's Ministry is dedicated to bringing Women of Christ together to fellowship, grow and mature in their faith walk with God and one another. Our goal is to uplift, encourage and support one another through the multi-faceted Christian life that women experience and endure in life. We aim to help women understand their value, worth and importance to God in all aspects and stages of life. 

Women's Ministry is a group of ladies who meet together and have open discussion about Jesus and the Word. We would love it if you would come and visit with us. 

Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry is dedicated to bringing Men of Christ together to join in fellowship, grow and mature in their walk with God and one another. Our goal is to build up, support and encourage men to be all that God intend for them to be. To develop and maintain a deeper understanding of walking and staying with God in their words and deeds, regardless of life's circumstances. The joy it brings to the heart and spirit of God knowing that men are living and operating with godly purpose, integrity, and accountability according to God's written word.

We would love for you to visit our ministry and see what it is all about.

Youth Group

Check out our Youth program. Our mission is to bring teens together to learn about Jesus Christ and how His life is applicable to their lives today. Teens learn the importance of their need for God, a personal relationship with God and God's guidance to navigate them through the difficulties and challenges of life.

Children's Ministry

Children's Ministry is all about having fun being saved and learning the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The children are developing an understanding of their need for God and their value as a child of God. Also they are learning their role as Christ ambassadors and know that the ultimate goal is that they will become future leaders in ministry.